There’s more to Amsterdam than hash, hookers and houseboats: Sawadee Reizen

Hello everyone and welcome to our new blog, hopefully we can keep you up to date with our activities as the first members of the TUI Travel Specialist & Activity Sector graduate scheme and whet your appetite both for careers in the travel industry and for travel itself. After an intense training week in Lake Garda, Italy – meeting many senior members of staff, I have now completed a week on my first placement for Sawadee Reizen, Amsterdam!! If you view the video (above) it should give you an appetizer of what this wonderful company can offer the Dutch travel market. I think the great thing about this scheme is that if is fulfilling the dream that many graduate have, to enjoy a role in the travel industry that involves more than just low level sales. Although challenging working in an office where you are the only non-Dutch speaker, it has been a fantastic week, very much straight to work! Amsterdam is a great place to live, getting caught up in rush hour, where every traveler is on a bicycle is quite interesting and very amusing! Hopefully these blogs will keep you updated on what a career in the travel industry as a graduate can offer, write to you soon!

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