Ali aan het woord Nederlandse!

Well this week I have fallen in love. No, my girlfriend need not worry, it is not with one of the girls in the windows down the high street, but with Amsterdam itself. This city just oozes coolness and has so much going on, yet is also close to the coast, which is very important to me coming from Cornwall! (more later…) Every morning I get up in my wonderful apartment and hop on my Dutch bicycle and cycle to work marvelling at the canals and the windmills and just how interesting everywhere appears. At work this week the new brochure was launched, which as it turned out was a very big deal to everyone! A little party with chocolates and champagne was enjoyed as everyone studied the sneak peek of the brochure, the pictures were great but unfortunately I couldn’t read any of it as it was all Dutch. Whilst I realise everyone’s English is fantastic I do feel a little stupid not being able to speak the native language so next week I will begin Dutch lessons. Work is going really well, so far my time management and negotiation skills are being used on a daily basis and I have now been involved in the project for two weeks, the days are long but it is fulfilling and challenging. The beauty that I saw in this scheme was that I will effectively work in 6 different businesses over the next 18 months and this variation is very exciting. I hope to have developed business skills that will help me gain better roles in the future. I have approached this scheme from a non-business based degree and as such am probably a bit behind in this respect, but that is the great thing about a graduate scheme rather than straight into a job, the opportunity and realisation that further learning is required. I went to watch Ajax Amsterdam play this week, they won 3-1 it was fantastic with a closed roof creating a great atmosphere. As all my conversations are in English with Dutch people, I expect I now sound a little like Steve McClaren in the Video above!!

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