Celebrating our differences… AND STARTING A WESTCOUNTRY RIVALRY

During our week in Italy we completed something called Insights. This is a measure of personality based on a questionnaire of 24 questions, I was sceptical about these things and wondered how much can be derived from 24 multiple choice questions. When the feedback came, it was bang on the money. It was like reading a cv or a reference. There are 6 graduates on this scheme and it was blindingly obvious to me that, whilst there were some similarities in the group, there were also massive differences in people, their approaches and their personalities. Insights confirmed this and it was reassuring to me that it is obvious that we are all different but also that this is visible to all. Insights offered the opportunity to witness how we are perceived in both good and bad ways and how we can better communicate with those unlike ourselves. I was very happy with what I read and thought it a fantastic session/ tool for self improvement but the key thing to remember is the old addage ‘it takes allsorts’ – a team is only succesful if made up of a number of personalities.

So, as I mentioned a bit of personal information. I have grown up in Cornwall which is where I call home and I love it. I love the beach, the outdoors, the laidback atmosphere and the nature of the people – it is always a bit of a culture shock to me to meet people who call themselves ‘city boys/girls’ and as such after a couple of days in central London I feel the need to run away and sit by the sea for a seemingly endless amount of time, with the new job I will have to adapt to this but TUI is a global organisation and not just based in London which offers many options, whilst also giving me the opportunity to experience London itself and to meet lots of different people and make the effort to enjoy our great capital and everything that comes with it. I have been succesful in terms of sport, representing the County at football and table tennis, and being a county champion as part of a team in golf and tennis. I have travelled quite extensively, well I thought I had until I met the adventure travellers at Sawadee, and my favourite places are Orange County, CA and Cottesloe, Perth WA. I graduated in English in 2007 and since then have lived and worked in New York, France, Australia and now Amsterdam. I realise it is a hard time for graduates getting jobs so feel very lucky to have gained employment on this scheme, especially with the competition.

Finally I would like to congratulate Janet on her success in her 10KM run. All the best everyone, goodbye from Holland.

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