Flying visits all-round

Here, Ali Randall seems to have bedded-in at Sawadee Reizen

Strangely, this week has been a little quieter in terms of volumes of meetings and actual workload, but also the hardest week so far. Knowing that TUI was a huge global organisation I did wonder about how the logistics of the scheme would work given that we were to be placed into brands of varying size within the organisation; would we be, or be seen as, an employee of that brand or a TUI outsider put into that brand? 

Sawadee, the brand I work for, are very small in terms of team size and this means that the product managers really know their stuff, they are excellent at what they do and if you want an adventure travel trip you really would want these people to organise it, as they think of everything; perhaps therein lies the problem, the new guy, (me) comes in to implement not so popular ideas and it can take some negotiation to get discussions going at all. However, I found this week that I actually really enjoy these challenges and negotiations and rather than backing down or shying away from a possible confrontation, I was actually getting more into it and more confident voicing my opinions or asking the questions to which I felt I needed answers. 

It is strange how much you can learn looking back on a week without even realising it. I also met my mentor this week, he flew out to see me in Amsterdam – it was a refreshing and extremely re-assuring chat. It left me feeling really positive on my outlook of the scheme and the approach I have to my career in general and came at a really good time. I really hope that I can make the most of this relationship I have been presented with and learn as much as I can and use it to benefit both myself and my mentor. So this weekend I am heading back to the UK, to see my family, but most importantly to watch my beloved Birmingham City FC. On a very light note, I recently was advised that I had to watch the Inbetweeners and subsequently got myself the DVD’s – well if you haven’t seen it – you must. It is hilarious!!! Also this week I applied to volunteer with a charity called CHICKS, looks an amazing charity giving underprivileged children and young carers a holiday and respite, if you want to check it out here is the link
Up the Blues!

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