Puff! Puff! Choo! Choo! Jon’s full steam ahead

This week’s installment from Jon Curtis

My project is really rolling now! The past couple of weeks have involved numerous meetings with the various people whose interest it is that I deliver a new and improved website, including people from online, marketing, press relations and branding. I am also having to liaise with a couple of external people, including one in South Africa (the website creator no less) and so trying to meet everyone’s requirements, negotiating on compromise and communicating between the stakeholders and the people actually creating and writing the content for the site, has been quite a challenge!

Mid-way through last week I was pulled (not literally) into Simon Cross’ office, Simon being the newly promoted managing director of TUI Ski. We spent the next hour or so chatting about the ski industry, our backgrounds and the like. Despite his position in charge of over 1000 employees it was nice that he could take the time to show an interest in me, and he even suggested we catch up every week.

At the beginning of the project I was given the deadline of having it finished in time for Christmas. For those of you who watch Grand Designs, you’ll know that most people on the show want to move into their newly-built home by Christmas…and never do! So I’m hoping my festive deadline doesn’t suffer the same fate and I do indeed reach completion by then. And as an added incentive, as I discovered this week, if I’m successful in delivering the finished product in time I will have the opportunity to visit some of the in-resort offices; an opportunity I do not want to miss.

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