Did Ali push things too far?

Ali updates us with the latest from Amsterdam.

Have you ever said something, only to seconds later realise you probably said that to the wrong people? I have, this week, in a conversation about football in the office, I happened to mention how ‘dirty’ Holland had been in the World Cup Final this year. Obviously this is something the Dutch don’t agree with – you would have needed a scientific watch to measure the miliseconds it took for the chorus of responses to materialise!!! No no, the Dutch were not dirty, Spain were just as bad I was told! Whilst it remained good natured I quickly deflected the conversation to just how bad England were, and still are, before it got akward! The office environment here is great, really great and very different to what I have experienced before – there is a very informal feel to everything. I thought this may mean everyone takes it easy, but in fact it’s the opposite, it means that because everyone enjoys their work and coming to work they work better and more productively. We can arrive later if desired, you just then have to work later (within reason of course), dress is informal, lunch is all taken together, which is lovely in the kitchen which all in all leads to a happy environment! Watched the Social Network this weekend, quite strange to think Zuckerberg started Facebook at pretty much the same time I started uni, and now he is multi billionaire!  Just a little way for me to go to catch up then…. Dutch class starts for real tomorrow which I’m excited about, and some early morning spinning this week too so it’s all fun in Amsterdam.

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