Bath with Santa

Ali updates us on his to-ing and fro-ing from Britain as well as some Dutch Christmas traditions

Spent the weekend in the lovely city of Bath. If you haven’t been to the  Bath Thermae spa then you should, it is really relaxing and well worth the queue and the money. In all a great weekend, Birmingham beat Chelsea too!!! Seems strange that I can leave the UK to fly to Amsterdam and be home in my apartment before my girlfriend, who left at the same time as me on the train back to Truro!

Coming up is Sinterklaas, yes that’s right, I haven’t spelt Santa Claus wrong. In Holland they have a winter festivity called Sinterklaas to celebrate Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of Amsterdam. Dressed very much in the same attire as ‘Father Christmas’ he delivers presents to children up to and on the 5th December. Children put their shoes out before going to bed, under the fireplace by the chimney (or nowadays next to a boiler/radiator)  and then sing the Sinterklaas song and then can expect some sweets in their shoe in the morning. It’s very nice and interesting to see how things are different here; traditional biscuits have appeared in the office and the story is explained to me as I watch bewildered thinking it’s all a bit early for Christmas presents!

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