TUI Marine: likes water, keeps in shape through constant investment (no botox) wltm partners for long term relationship

Guy and the difficulty of TUI-coupling plus a trip up north

This week I have been trying to spread the net of TUI Marine wide and look at ways in which we can enhance the customer experience from working with other companies within TUI Travel and TUI AG.  So, for families who are debating between a sailing holiday and a jungle trek then in the future they should not have to make this difficult decision.  I believe our ethos of “if you dream it, we can take you there” can be fulfilled by creating a multitude of links between our companies allowing holidaymakers to know whenever they book a multi-activity holiday it is organised by the experts of each holiday genre.  The problem is TUI is so large and diverse that cementing the first move can be difficult.  Perhaps we almost need an internal online dating site for TUI companies with their characteristics and what they would seek in ideal partners – all the better if each company is polyamorous.  This could be backed up by actual speed partnering at the next global management meeting. 

Meanwhile I have been taking advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday to see friends from university and explore some more northern states.  I flew into Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where I gorged myself on some excellent Thanksgiving dinner, experienced ‘Black Friday’ shopping hell – as well as soft cinnamon pretzels, visited the state capitol and went to two school reunions.  I also managed to get to Washington, D.C. to see all the main sites, visiting the Pentagon memorial (from September 11th), the National Archives and the Air and Space museum.  I would have loved to have visited more museums but for time!  It was nice to escape Florida to see some familiar faces and a different part of the country, but stepping off the plane in Tampa at 10pm to 22C vs. an earlier 7C in Washington certainly made me feel that whatever negatives I feel about Florida’s endless ugly strip malls and lack of public transport are easily soothed by the fantastic weather.  Still, all these reports of snow back in the UK are whetting my appetite for a New Year of downhill and cross-country skiing in Scotland and Sweden.

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