Up in the air

Ali gives us his account of the pro’s and con’s of the business trip in the jet-set world of travel. George Clooney beware.

Took my first business trip of the scheme last week and out of all the countries in the world I could’ve gone, I went to…drum roll please… Jordan. Now, to say I didn’t know what to expect from a country in the Middle East would be putting it mildly. The reality is; the country is amazing, the nature and scenery are comparable to the vast outback of Australia. What came as a great surprise though, was how open and free Jordan is and the fact that different religions live together, in communities, in pace and harmony which is certainly not the picture we receive of the Middle East back in the UK.  Then again, perhaps this is why Jordan is becoming such a tourist hotspot and rightly so, it is fantastic!

The trip had both good and bad points. The bad: delayed flight, missed connection, overnight in hotel airport, day long wait for a flight, cancelled flight, 5 am arrival, three hours sleep, overnight delayed flight! Murphy’s Law in full swing. The good: completing the required paperwork making the trip a success, sleeping in the desert in Wadi Rum, visiting Petra and a horse ride at sunset.

All in all it felt like a lot was fitted into 3 days which I liked. Now back in the office, having been out of the office for a week and my second business trip to London, I have a mountain of emails and work to catch up with.  All this and it’s the last week before the Christmas break!

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