No detail too small…

Jon’s on the home straight and considering the challenges of finishing a project in the world of the web!

The end is in sight! I am within touching distance of finishing the re-design of, yet there are still seemingly 101 little bits and pieces to finish before it can go live. I will freely admit that I am not very technology-minded at all, and so at each stage of the process I have had to learn how things work and what all the technical jargon means before even attempting to do anything!

I am sure my lack of understanding and experience has been apparent to most people, and where perhaps it hasn’t, I have had to spill the beans that I am in fact a complete novice at project managing anything to do with the web! Rather than face frustration by my shortcomings, however, I have been pleasantly surprised by people’s understanding and support in helping me through the project.

At the beginning I was fairly apprehensive about getting lost in the technical side of the project, but I quickly realised that in seeking a basic understanding of the operations and jargon, I could get by and let the tech-people do what they do best, while I could crack on with coordinating side. Talking about cracking on, best get back to those 101 little things…

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