All work and no play?

Ali debates the difficulties of maintaining a work/life balance.

This is something I have never had to consider before, but found myself searching out answers to a realistic expectation of this when meeting some senior people during the induction week. Sport to me has always been about enjoyment (or winning!) but now it is being talked about simply as a way to switch off from work. Crikey, I thought, can you not stop thinking about work without focusing on something else?!  Well, now the first placement is almost over I can relate to this – I think it is really important that you do find a way to switch off from work whatever that is. If not you can find yourself thinking about it all the time, especially in a graduate scheme where you are trying to make an impression and do your best and a little bit more all the time!

So how do you switch off?  Well some people go to the pub, get smashed and forget everything, (accepting the headache in the morning!)  Myself, I like to clear my head at the coast having a walk on the beach, or playing sports – being able to focus on something that takes your mind away and experiencing pure enjoyment. I guess its different for everybody!  I have been fortunate in that my ‘commute’ consists of a half an hour cycle home after work – this is really good for switching attention from work matters to other things, and living in Cornwall I never had to commute very long to anywhere, the walk to work was 10 minutes at most!  But how can you maintain a lifestyle balance when you are commuting so long each day – well I imagine it is hard and I hope I can find some good books to read on the train!!!  Any advice, I would be glad to receive!

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