Learning a new language

Trying to learn a new language – that of the internet world! Whilst I think I know my way around the internet quite well, this week the focus has been on the internet for marketing and to me this is a completely different language, so a steep learning curve! My project out here involves marketing a new initiative for taking educational tours to Europe, something that is possible now due to TUI’s presence worldwide and the relationships that this enables. Sitting with the guy who works on the Google ads and the web content – I never really thought about the detail that went into positioning a search engine result, well I knew about it but didn’t understand so decided not to think about it! Well now it’s time to learn! In the last few weeks I have realized that in the small space of time we have been with TUI, just what a large net of contacts we have already built up and how useful that is – to be able to contact people you have already met them rather than contacting them blind asking for something and being able to reciprocate the offer of help is much better! Well it’s a beautiful clear day here, unfortunately that means it’s even colder!!

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