Hell or high water

Guy brings us up-to-date with news from his new placement

So, I thought I’d tell you a bit more about what I am actually doing here in Adelaide.  The photos you saw on my last post were of Adventure Tour’s largest bus depot in Alice Springs – where I spent a day at the beginning of my placement to discover how the whole operation works, and also of the plane journey back to Adelaide, the distance covered in 2 hours, rather than the 6 days it took to travel north by bus.

My project is to deliver a Business Continuity Management strategy for Adventure Tours.  This essentially means that whatever impacts the business negatively, we should have a clear and agreed plan to carry out, where everyone knows their roles.  In most cases this just formalises local plans already in place, but the exercise should better quantify risk and its potential impact.  The stage at which I am currently at is all about breaking down business activities and looking at risk, current mitigation measures and potential new ones, whatever their cost.  I have been surveying people across the business and will head out on a tour, delivering workshops and carrying out physical risk checks in Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs and Sydney, as well as Adelaide, of course.  All the information I gather will then be used in Adelaide to come up with the final plan, which will consider all suggestions from the workshop and come up with a deliverable and cost-effective solution.

Despite missing out on the Bank Holiday here in South Australia this will also mean that I get to see friends from university who have moved to other cities I am visiting around the country.  Commodity prices are high, and so Australia needs foreign labour to help mine its most important economic sector and to provide services to those made rich by mineral wealth.

I am slightly awed by what will need to be done between now and April 21st, the end of my placement, but it will get done, come hell or high water.  The most exciting element is going to be where we get to simulate a disaster situation in order to test our plans. Right, time to chase people up for surveys and think about putting the final touches to my workshops…

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