My favourite wombat

Guy keeps us informed on the move

I write this entry from the squashed seat of my Tiger Airways flight from Alice Springs to Melbourne.  Since Saturday, I have been touring Australia in order to gather data for my Business Continuity Management project.

Starting from Perth, I went on a Pinnacles day tour to try out some more Adventure Tours Australia Group (ATAG) product.  Pinnacles is ATAG’s premium product, and my trip took in the brand’s namesake, The Pinnacles, a lobster factory accounting for 20% of all of Australia’s fishing catch by value, sand dunes and sand boarding, and a wildlife park with all the classic Australian animals.  My favourite was a fat looking (but actually very muscly) wombat called Bubs who sat comfortably on the keeper’s lap.

My first workshop was well attended and helped to identify critical business activities as well as risks, current management of these and any new measures that could further lower risk for both our clients and the business as a whole.  Following Perth, I have been in Darwin and Alice Springs to carry out the same workshops, and will catch the flight from Melbourne to Sydney tomorrow morning to carry out the last one of my tour.  I have been very lucky at the same time to get to know people better from across the whole operation, and have a much greater sense of the whole crew who make up ATAG: guides, mechanics, caterers, operations assistants, operations managers, safety managers, training managers – and the list goes on.  I know that these contacts will stand me in good stead for the completion of my project and now feel I have a much better Australia-wide network of contacts within the business.

As would be expected, I’ve also had a very good time – some hard work but fun as well: I am particularly indebted to the ops managers Simon Harper, Scott Russell and Tija McMullen for this, and the others who’ve also made visiting each location such a positive experience.  I’ll report back from Adelaide for my next blog entry – wish me luck in bringing the mass of information together!

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