Spring has arrived in Montreal

Ali provides an enthusiastic update from Quebec

Where has time gone – two thirds of the way through this placement and I’m loving it. Launching a new product, I am responsible for delivering the marketing piece; a brochure, online content and everything else that goes with it – which all adds up to a very exciting, rewarding and enjoyable placement.

This placement is so vastly different to the last in so many ways – not just the work, but the people, the culture, the perception and nature of being part of TUI – the lot. I am working very closely with Mark Clarke, the MD of Jumpstreet, he founded this company and built it to where it is today, I am learning so much and having a lot of fun in the process, not just working with Mark and his team, but learning from Mark directly.

Montreal: when I arrived the snow was non-stop, it was a trek to anywhere, and it was cold, so so cold!! But now spring has arrived, and it’s very welcome! Montreal in the spring, so far! (I’m told the snow can return at any time!) it has such a different feel. This weekend everyone celebrated St Patrick’s Day, a huge event here! Was a lot of fun. So in my short time in Montreal, I have been skiing, dog sled riding, ice skating, visited Québec city, learnt a lot, had a lot of fun, enjoying my work, enjoying the people I work with – so far, successful placement 2! Now back to the impending deadline of getting this brochure to the printers…

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