Being a lab rat

Jon (now sat opposite Ben) updates us from the big and important world of TUI Travel House in Crawley/Gatwick

We are already half way through our second placement now, and yet again it has raced by! I am working within the Marketing and Partnerships department at sector level, rather than at a brand level – a change within the scheme that came into effect after we had started, but a worthwhile one I believe. As we are the first ever Specialist and Activity Sector graduates, we are very much the guinea pigs and as a result both we and our graduate team have to learn from our experiences and adapt to them and the resulting changes – in fact when we started the Sector itself was different to what it is now!

My role originally was to look at customer journey mapping for the education sector and help develop marketing partnerships for brands across the sector, but staying true to theme of change, my primary task has now evolved (due to a chance conversation) to look at identifying the UK customer demographics of the sector – no mean feat with over 100 brands! This role is very different from my last placement in that it is less technical and more creative in approach, and although I enjoyed the last placement, as I am this one, to compare them would be a chalk-and-cheese scenario.

As this is a sector-wide placement, I am based in the head office at TUI Travel House, and by a stroke of luck my desk is beside Ben’s. Being based here I bump into the most senior people in the division on an almost daily basis and even often having lunch with them, which at first seemed a little strange but now it has become so common that it is quite normal. It’s a great experience being surrounded by so many top-level managers and hopefully I’ll be leaving a positive and lasting impression on them!

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