Team Building tastes good!

Sometimes unexpected opportunities just present themselves! Last Friday I found myself as a judge on a masterchef style cooking contest… it was all in the name of team building. Over the last 6 weeks I have been part of a group putting together a team building event for the team at Jumpstreet/Éducatours. Its been really good being involved in putting together an event and the build up was a lot of fun, getting everything organised, all the details checked off.  It was all kept secret from the staff in order that it would be a surprise event. Thankfully all the hard work paid off as it was a storming success, fun was had by all and some seriously good dishes were created! And we did it all within the time slot, on budget and gave a donation to charity. So a huge success, a lot of fun and succesful as a team building exercise! Another huge plus point for me that Jumpstreet has displayed, their passion, caring and dedication towards their staff – undoubtedly this is the most harmonious and enjoyable team I have worked in and it makes such a difference to the work day to look forward to going to work and enjoying yourself whilst there! So if you need a better atmosphere in the office – organise a masterchef!!!

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