Ta-ra to Toronto

The last few weeks have been slightly hectic – following the strategy presentation to the divisional board I thought I would be starting to wrap up my work and enjoy the newly spring-like weather in Toronto (although sadly I never saw much in the way of Spring – it snowed right up until my last weekend in Canada!).  However, I was tasked with helping the VP of Product and Distribution in developing some of the product strategy, in order to launch new activities for the Arctic 2012 summer season – all under wraps for now, but it was really great to get my teeth into some product development – one of my big passions!  This also gave me the chance to spend time with a slightly different group of colleagues and really consolidate all the industry information gained since I arrived. 

I doubt I will really use some of the information again in the near future (such as the home ports of Russian exploration ships!) but my time in Quark really has been a fantastic view into the workings of a small business – and how quickly a struggling business can start to turn around with the right team in place.  In addition I was able to visit two of the businesses in Los Angeles and two in Seattle – fun to meet new colleagues and see new sights, and also a bit of an insight into just how far removed some sector businesses must feel from the corporate hub of TUI, and hence how hard it can be to develop synergies between them all.  Thank you to all the teams across the North American Specialist division for making me feel so welcome, and for humouring my Britishness!

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