Brighton rocks as Guy rolls into Placement 3

Adelaide doesn’t have the big city excitement of Sydney or the cultural sophistication of Melbourne, but it does have a dry and pleasantly warm climate, great wine and a lower cost of living than either of its larger cousins.  I’ve been very lucky to meet such a good bunch of people there, and have been sad to leave. 

In terms of the project, it was really good to have a single, very focussed goal on which to work.  I knew that it was important to improve my personal organisation and project planning, and feel that the placement has come at the right point in this regard.  Not only that, but I’ve had the opportunity to work in a smaller activity and specialist business with a more local feel than either TUI Marine or my current placement in the TUI Specialist & Activity E-commerce team.

Now seven months into the graduate scheme, I realise that although there is the thread of TUI running through all of our placements, each one means starting an entirely new job in an entirely new culture every three months.  Difficult to be bored by that.

Well, I should tell you about my placement here in Brighton.  We’re working on a new adventure portal, which will be revealed in a few weeks and will allow users to compare a huge range of products across the sector.  We hope this will inspire more people to take activity holidays who previously thought it too expensive or too difficult – and for those who already take activity holidays independently to use our portal to help organise their adventures more easily.  I’m going to be the ‘concierge’ for this service, which will give me both some sales experience and the understanding of how best to interact with customers who wish to book online – as well as being able to identify trends in customer requirements and any teething problems with the site.

Although it was much more difficult finding somewhere to live here than in either Florida or Adelaide, I have now found somewhere with two great flat mates that’s only 10-15 minutes walk to work.  Cutting out the commute from London definitely bodes well for a work hard/play hard placement here in Brighton, and although I still maintain that I’m a self-hating southerner, and really prefer the north and Scotland, I’m hoping that Brighton will be an exception to this rule (London is also allowed).  Although it’s quite flat, I’m certainly enjoying the opportunity that the sea front affords for fresh, long runs. 

Right – back to content loading – I think our developers have finished their maintenance, so now we can get on with the task of populating the site with lots more information.

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