Kings, Olympians and the RAF

King Stunners, Totally Piste, Poles Apart, Davis’s Dollies, Where Eagles Dare! You would be forgiven for wondering what on earth I’m talking about. These are just a smattering of the teams that were involved in the 3rd Annual Skiathon in support of DSUK (Disability SnowportUK). Dispersed to various snow centres across theUK the teams set about their challenge, to ski 666 runs in 6 hours.

In Milton Keynes, the location for King Stunners (a team made up of Flexi Ski and Crystal staff) we got kitted out and had the obligatory ‘just how cold can it be in there?’ discussions that resulted in many of us, and most of the teams, deciding that hoodies would suffice – and of course our Skiathon t-shirts on display to further highlight the cause to any by-standers or interested on lookers! Needless to say the result of the clothing decisions did not last long for most and soon a more traditional ski wear approach was adopted! Alongside the King Stunners were team 667: The neighbour of the Piste and the Kingston Devils from TUI, as well as the RAF Ski team, The British Disabled Ski Team as well as numerous others. Before long the RAF ski team were displaying their expertise with one legged skiing (at incredible speed!) ski jumps and this got the competitive nature going with races and competitions following rather quickly. Supported and encouraged by the fantastic Volunteers and organisers who counted us all in and added to the excitement with various games including ‘chase the fastest skier and catch them for prizes!’ It was great to see such a strong turn out and variety of abilities, both skiing and snowboarding all doing their best for charity.

In the afternoon we were greeted by an Olympian, World Champion, World record holder and one of the all time great British Athletes and now TV commentator (or perhaps to some ‘the athlete from Strictly come dancing’) – Colin Jackson. This gave further awareness to the work of DSUK with the opportunity to try the experience in one of the ‘sledges’ used by those with disabilities – an incredible sight involving a lot of daring!

To see what it is all about and to watch us in action just click the link – thankfully ITV were there to film us!!!

At the end of a long and tiring day, aching muscles joined together to thank the organisers and reward those for their extra special efforts and the winners of the day (naturally it was the RAF team!) before departing the venue with new found friends and stories to tell and talk about for days to come!

If you would like to donate to DSUK it couldn’t be easier – don’t forget the gift aid!

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