Janet has fallen for something very good

 As someone who would still count my university city as home and a dear friend, obviously I’m biased.  But Janet has developed a very healthy love for Scotland’s capital, and the home of EAC, Edinburgh.

I’m in love.  Rugged, outdoorsy, dynamic and cultured – just my type.  And I know it’s a case of true infatuation because friends and colleagues keep pointing out the bad points – moodiness, changeability, prolonged depressed spells (particularly in winter) and, most frustratingly of all, an obsession with parking tickets – yet I just don’t care.  Maybe it’s only a (not so) secret desire for men with Scottish accents, or a penchant for deep fried and battered things, but for now, for me, Edinburgh is perfect.

I can’t say I was over-thrilled at the prospect of leaving the Great White North of Canada to come and live in, well, the Great White North of the UK (especially having spent the last five summers in much warmer climes) but living in Edinburgh is great.  For the first time since university I don’t have to commute.  True, it rains daily, but in an enchanting, sporadic kind of way allowing you to dodge the downpour.  And I learn at least one new word every day (yesterday’s word was ‘scran’).

I am lucky enough to also be working with a great team on a fantastic project.  I am spending a fair part of my time working on the longterm strategy for the non-UK development of our English training schools businesses; having previously worked for the market leader in the industry, it’s great to feel that my experience can really be of material benefit to TUI businesses, and help to drive the business.  At the end of my placement I have been asked to present my work to members the Education Board and the research will act as a basis for a number of decisions going forward – nice to know that I can really be helpful in working in an industry about which I am truly passionate.

In parallel to this I am also working on a more logistics-based,operational project which is due to go live within months… being the lead (or should I say only) project manager is proving both challenging and entertaining.  More about this next time!

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