Welcome Jennifer

Jennifer O’Gorman, the second new recruit to post, introduces herself.

Hi Everyone! My name is Jennifer O’Gorman and I will be one of the six new Specialist and Activity Graduates for this year. I feel both incredibly lucky and privileged to have such a fantastic opportunity and I intend on making the most of it! I grew up in Waterford in Ireland, which is known as the sunny south east; although in reality it still seems to rain quite a lot! I graduated with a BCL in Law from University College Cork after which I spent a year studying for a Master’s in Business Management at Queens University in Belfast. During my time in Belfast I set up and ran a cross community project which attempted to unite children from across the region through the medium of music. This has definitely been my greatest personal achievement to date.

 I am currently working for an adventure travel company in Cork and I am responsible for our J1 summer work and travel student visas to the US. I have always been passionate about travel and I have been lucky enough to have travelled a great deal across the US and Europe in addition to spending my summers working abroad. It was only once I began my current job that I was inspired to strive for a career within the travel industry. It is a continuously evolving, dynamic and exciting industry, which I believe will be able to satisfy my need to both challenge and inspire myself, especially while working for such an inspirational company as TUI.  In order to properly prepare for my new career in the travel industry I am spending six weeks this summer exploring South East Asia, truly an adventure of a life time and one which, alongside my career at TUI, I cannot wait to begin!

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