Heidi and the hacks

Ali heads off to Austria to entertain journalists – and discovers excellent Austrian hospitality, some adrenaline sports and finds himself not pedalling very hard on an electric bike.

Firstly, congrats to the new intake of graduates, I’m sure you will enjoy the path ahead.

Last week I took a group of journalists out to Austria to the resorts of Seefeld and Kitzbühel on a press trip for the Crystal Summer brand. In a combined effort between Crystal and the state of Tirol, alongside local tourist offices the trip saw the journalists take part in a variety of activities in some quite spectacular scenery (when it wasn’t raining, or the clouds didn’t get in the way!). I’ll keep you posted about when the articles get published. Canyoning, mountain biking, e-biking, hiking and roller skiing were among the activities experienced. While the trip was hard work in terms of logistics and making sure everyone was where they needed to be, on time, and everyone’s needs in terms of the purpose of the trip and the articles to be written were taken care of, it was a fantastic experience and gave me an opportunity to put into practice a set of skills that I am keen to develop and pursue in the future – event organisation and management. It was insightful to meet the overseas teams and see the work that they do, which can easily be forgotten when you are office based in the UK.

Now back in the UK it is onwards with the commercial project I have been tasked with. It is greatly enhancing my Excel skills! I am enjoying ‘getting around’ the business as it is such a unique brand in the portfolio – learning the roles of all the different departments and how their work creates holidays for our customers is what I wanted to do and it has been great to be given the opportunity to do this. This placement is in a significantly larger team and office in comparison to my previous roles so it has been fantastic to experience the variation and to be able to make qualified judgements on what I would like in the future and what sort of environment I can work best in.

Kingston is a great place to live and work, and lunches are spent by the river! Just yesterday I went to the 20/20 cricket at the Oval. Having said that, when the sun is shining I will always be drawn to the coast and that’s where you can find me this weekend, with my surfboard catching some waves!

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