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Ali whimsical about sport and competition

Sport, sport, sport. With my love of playing, watching, thinking and talking about sport as strong as ever right now with all the major events going on I often wonder which in fact is my favourite. Football, tennis and golf are the main contenders, but then I am passionate about surfing and swimming, as well as a growing interest in the major US sports of basketball, baseball, ice hockey and football, due to my time spent over the pond.

With other sports such as athletics, although I feel knowledgeable on them, find  my interest only really gets heightened at the times of the major events. Each sport offers a different dynamic and as such I simply can’t choose; each provides different enjoyment and emotion. Since I can remember I have always been going to sporting events, and this week was no different getting to Wimbledon a couple of times. The rush of a sporting event is something that I feel and get so excited by, I love watching elite sport and being surrounded by truly successful performers and global superstars. At Wimbledon it’s great to get so close to the players and watch them in action, even if it’s just on the practice courts where they don’t seem so different to you and me, except for the sponsorship deals, global adoration and sporting prowess!

I love the way that sport generates conversation and unity and encourages people to take on challenges and new experiences. With the  fiasco of the Olympic 2012 tickets going on I do feel lucky that I have been to so many events across so many sports – Wimbledon and US Open grand slams in tennis, world cups and T20 in Cricket, Ryder Cups and other international golf events, World Cups, European Championships, Premier League, Football league in Football. World Championships and European Championships in Athletics, Olympic Games where as a youngster I watched Tim Henman bring in the silver medal, and sat in the stadium the night that Michael Johnson ran that race in that time (I’ll never forget the camera flashlights as he came round the bend). Whenever I talk with people about sports and events I am always interested and inspired by people’s stories, so what’s next?! Marathon? Triathlon? Squash? Who knows, as long as it has a challenge but is also a lot of fun then I’ll try it!

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