Duck-herding: the next big opportunity for TUI Sport?

Jon reports from his placement at TUI Sport

I’m going to start by saying congratulations to Ben, Benjamin, Deborah, Jennifer, Kelly and Laura who will join our graduate scheme in October, and like the 6 current grads had to beat off competition from about 1300 others, so well done! The only problem is that there will now be 3 Bens, which might prove a bit tricky.

 I’m over half-way through my third placement, in the Sport division and, like all of my placements so far, it has turned into something much different than I anticipated at the start. Originally I was supposed to be working on Eastern European distribution channels for our Euro 2012 products (TUI Sport is the official accommodation provider for UEFA Euro 2012). That quickly changed, however, and now I’m working on launching Emirates Live in Scandinavia. Emirates Live is a TUI-owned joint venture with Emirates Airline selling sport tour packages, and I have been tasked with the market research, business plan, website launch and profit & loss account – all within 2 months!

 So as you can imagine I’m not short of things to keep me occupied, and as part of the project I’m soon off on a whistle-stop trip to Copenhagen to meet up with the Danish TUI Sport businesses, who will host the website and run the venture operationally. I’ve already met Camilla, the MD of one of the businesses (and a double Olympic gold medallist no less!) at a recent Sport conference, where, along with lots of presentations from heads of all the Sports businesses globally, we indulged in falconry, archery, shooting, buggy-car racing and sheep-dog herding with ducks! Never a dull moment eh?!

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