Amazon, Starbucks and TCS and Starquest

Jon’s new placement sees him in Seattle…

I finally have my first placement abroad and find myself in Seattle; home of Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and Nirvana. I would also say Frasier, but actually that was filmed in a studio in LA. More importantly, however, Seattle is also the location of TCS & Starquest, part of the North American Specialist division, where I am now based.

As we in TUI so often talk about differentiated product, not many can beat theirs for experience or expense, as they offer round-the-world private jet trips at prices where if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it. So it’s great that I’m working on such exciting products but I highly doubt there’ll be much opportunity for a ‘fam’ tour!

Unlike my other placements, the company is a small one – about 30 people, and more relaxed and sociable, with lots of team lunches, a ‘candy drawer’, and even happy-hour on Fridays! And compared to my last placement where the view from the window was of Gatwick airport runway, I now have a 14th floor view of the harbour and mountains.

I have been given 2 main projects; firstly to identify and recommend potential international markets to move into, as currently the company only sells within the US; and secondly to devise new tours types with different sized-jets (currently they only use Thomson’s 757 jets, which normally seat around 240 and instead seat 78 in business class) and different tour durations (one and two week tours as opposed to the usual 3 weeks).

I feel really happy to be here working for one of the most exciting (and the most profitable) companies in the entire sector and am enjoying my time in Seattle, where most of my weekends have so far been spent at the beach or watching the local NFL team, the Seahawks. Although it would be the icing on the cake if I could just get myself onto one of those jets, maybe I need to watch Catch Me If You Can again for some inspiration…

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One thought on “Amazon, Starbucks and TCS and Starquest

  1. Hello Jonathan

    Just thought I’d let you know that your site is now delivering ~15% of traffic to Crystal Ski and about 5% of bookings. Great result!

    Keep in touch.

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