Deborah goes Stateside

Deborah updates us on her first weeks in Clearwater…

In the last three weeks I’ve packed my life into a single (though I’ll admit rather large) suitcase; I’ve spent a week in Sussex absorbing as much knowledge as possible about TUI, the travel industry and even my ‘inner self’; I’ve relocated to Florida (my first visit to the States); and started my first ‘adult’ job in a business area in which I have no experience.

Yet somehow, writing this blog has been my most challenging task so far! How do I convey in a few short paragraphs the warm welcome I have received in joining such a fantastic company, the responsibility I have already been given and the emotions I have felt in trying to overcome the initial challenges of relocating and working abroad?

Starting in the TUI Marine office in Clearwater, Florida, I am working on two projects simultaneously. The first is focused on implementing a new online store for Sunsail and the Moorings provisioning, with the aim that we can greatly increase the revenue made from ancillary food and beverage purchases. I am also looking into the opportunities of entering the ‘Superyacht’ market (64ft-100ft yachts) through either acquisition or organic growth/new product development.

Deborah Grieve Clearwater

Deborah and Pete throw themselves into the costume competition

It has been said that American’s don’t do anything by halves and Halloween is certainly no exception! I spent my first two weeks at TUI Marine working in the ‘e-Comm Crypt’, skilfully decorated with tombstones, cobwebs and creepy crawlies and complete with zombie sound effects. And of course Pete and I threw ourselves right in to the costume competition.

I also took part in a TUI Marine community project where we worked with Habitat for Humanity building a 3 bed house in the St Petersburg area. I hope those windows are watertight!

Between Halloween dress-up, a bit of manual labour, and several American lunches (that will take more than a few gym sessions to shift) I feel like I have barely begun my Stateside adventure. In fact I still pinch myself each morning to make sure it’s all real. I mean how many people wake up at 7am with a smile on their face, looking forward to their day at work? Long may this continue!

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2 thoughts on “Deborah goes Stateside

  1. Wow! Already involved in so much! The idea of relocating so far away must be quite a daunting one but it’s good to know that there is plenty to do and that we can expect a warm welcome wherever we go. Nice costumes too!

    Do you think having Pete around made things easier or would it have been more of a learning curve to be there on your own from the start?

  2. Deborah

    Definitely a very friendly office, I’ve had no problems settling in here.

    Due to the nature of my project, I’m coming in half way through and essentially continuing Pete’s work so it was great to have him here for a few weeks to explain the project, the aims and all the IT systems involved. It’s also good to stand on my own two feet now though and get properly into the project. It was the perfect crossover!

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