Kelly enters into the mysterious world of eCommerce…

The Brighton Wheel

The Brighton Wheel

Kelly shares her knowledge of eCommerce…

Test your knowledge of eCommerce acronyms! Of the 8 below, how many do you know?!


[answers at the bottom]

None? Some? All of them?

Let’s just say that in my first week with the eCommerce team, my language level in techie speak has rapidly gone from absolute beginner, to pre-intermediate. There’s no way I could actually do what the PPC team do, nor manage the XML feeds, or go into the details of SEO. However, the important thing is that I can now understand what is being said around me and how it is all relevant.  In fact, perhaps I could add it as a ‘conversational’ language on my TUI profile…

I’ve sat down with 9 different people and learnt about their 9 different specialities. Despite their somewhat dull sounding names (the specialities, that is, not the people), the different functions of eCommerce really can be fascinating. What has struck me the most is how, if you run an online business, today’s technology gives you access to enormous amounts of useful data and tools (and very often without paying a penny). That data can be hugely informative in decisions you make about your marketing, your site layout and design, and your business strategy: and those well-informed decisions ultimately increase your revenue…

A few examples: with ‘analytics’ packages, you can measure how people are arriving at your website, where they’re from, what pages they are looking at and for how long, and at what stage they leave. With tools like ‘Google Insights’ you can see how many customers are searching for particular terms, and patterns over the year. With user-testing you can see how people navigate your site, and gain valuable insights into what works well and what simply doesn’t work. Then you can try out changes (using an ‘A/B test’) and see the exact figures of how your ‘conversion’ rate improves – be it in terms of bookings, enquiries, or simply e-mail sign-ups.

I hope this doesn’t sound too technical. It did sound complicated to me at first. But it actually doesn’t have to be. And even if you have technophobic tendencies, you’d be foolish to ignore the gems of information that are just a click away…

Answers: Uniform Resource Locator/ Universal Resource Locator… , Pay-per-click, Internet Service Provider, Content Management System, Search Engine Optimisation, eXtensible Markup Language, Rich Site Summary/ Really Simple Syndication, Customer Relationship Management.

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One thought on “Kelly enters into the mysterious world of eCommerce…

  1. Hi Kelly,

    Wow, it certainly seems like you’ve learned a lot! It took me ages to get my head around all those acronyms but they are used all the time in conversation. It was the same situation for me in the business reviews I attended this week as people used acronyms not only for the elements of finance they were discussing but also for the businesses themselves; I spent about an hour thinking OTP must be Overheads, Turnover and Profit when it turned out to be an abbreviation of TUI brand Off the Piste!

    Clearly, an understanding of these acronyms is as important in business as an understanding of the German language is when speaking to someone who only speaks German. That said, I think it is a lesson for us all that not everyone speaks our language and that we should understand who does and who doesn’t and make provisions accordingly.

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