The Importance of Individuality

Andrew Morley Hairdressing

A warm welcome is essential in customer service

Laura shares her experience of personability in practice…

It goes without saying that good customer service is an essential part of good business and that personability is a huge part of that service. So excuse me if this blog seems a little “stating the obvious” but I wanted to share a couple of recent experiences.

The first occurred approximately half an hour ago whilst I was out on lunch. Being new to the area, I was seeking a new hairdresser and visited the Andrew Morley salon on the recommendation of their neighbour The Beauty Room.

On arrival, I was met by a very serene and relaxing space and a warm welcome from Rod, the hairdresser currently attending the reception desk. Rod proceeded to tend to my needs (I’d only gone in for a price list) but then chatted with me about what I might like to have done to my hair and how he could help me find the best style for me.

Now, my hair is pretty important to me (I’m a girl, so give me that one) and I was immediately at ease due to the insightful questions Rod asked, the expertise he displayed and the way he related everything back to me; he even mentioned the colour of my scarf which was apparently ideal for my colouring (get me!). Finally, he told me his name, asked mine and shook my hand – now I’m personally connected to him and will request him when I go there.

None of this is revolutionary of course. Rod was simply displaying good customer service; taking an interest, building a rapport and relating everything back to me and my individual needs. But the result of that is that I left feeling good, feeling confident in his skills and I will go back and give them my custom.

The second example of individuality today came in an online format. Whilst browsing through Facebook to look at what our competitors are doing on there, I came across a link to an article I wanted to read on working abroad. So I clicked on the article within my Facebook news feed and arrived at this:

WP Greet

A relevant greeting is better than a generic one

How fab! It’s so simple but this message recognised where I had come from and made it easy for me to share it. The function, called WordPress Greet, will recognise any source website and welcome you accordingly – I definitely think this is worth making use of (I’m even going to try to add it  on here!).

But it’s not just been today that’s taught me about the power of recognising individuality in customer service. So many elements of my grad scheme so far have done this – none more so than the time I’ve spent with the Real Gap sales team.

Since my arrival here at Real Gap, I’ve heard them chatting away with customers and potential customers on the phone and via their Live Chat function and the level of rapport is awe inspiring. Not only are the sales people extremely knowledgeable about their product, they’re also knowledgeable about their individual customers and greet them by name and with mention of things they know are happening in the customer’s life; small things like “how did your lecture go this morning hun?” and “this trip is ideal for you and Sarah because you both love wildlife” – i’s the small things that mount up and make their customers feel really special.

It seems obvious, and I wouldn’t blame you for finishing this blog and thinking “well, yeah, of course!”, but in practice it’s so easy to forget. Understanding and appealing to the individuality and individual needs is so important. I’m really hoping I can replicate the customer service skills I have witnessed throughout my grad scheme and beyond – and that Rod at Andrew Morley hairdressers is as good as he seems!

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