13th Movember: The Mo has taken shape.

Ben talks about revealing his mo to the world…

I tried to avoid revealing my mo for as long as I could, instead enjoying the designer stubble look (which after 7 days had turned into a tramp like beard). My excuse for this was a funeral, to which I really didn’t want to turn up to with a mo… So instead I arrived looking like a man who had recently lost his razor/job, probably looking even worse than I would’ve done a moustache.

The following day, as I had run out of excuses, it was time to shave off the stubble and finally reveal my mo. I had done some research into the Movember rules and searched for inspirational mo styles online. After experimenting with a few styles (including the classic handle bar) I settled on the mo + tickler (see the photos in my previous post for more details).

I was initially horrified at how I looked. However, after a calming cup of tea and a hearty bowl of cereal, I looked in the mirror again and managed to convince myself that I looked like a distinguished WWII RAF pilot. This dream was quickly shattered when I arrived at work and a colleague pointed immediately noticed that I look like a “musketeer”.

After another look in the mirror, I had to agree and accept my fate. Fortunately this was by far the most detailed observation that I received all day and to be honest I was actually surprised at how little people seemed to notice it… or maybe they were just laughing inside?

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One thought on “13th Movember: The Mo has taken shape.

  1. We haven’t been laughing at you Ben; we’re just really proud you have lasted the whole distance! However… I am finding myself constantly laughing at the fact it must be really itchy by now! Don’t worry… you’ll get your face back tomorrow and would have raised well earned money for a great cause. Congratulations. We’ll take you more seriously tomorrow!

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