Bowling and Bonding

TUI Graduate Scheme Bowling Trip

TUI Grads Go Bowling!

Jen talks about the recent grad night out…

What better way to bond with our fellow TUI Grads than to head out for a night of bowling! We were a mix of International, Specialist, UK and Ireland Grads (as well as one imposter who came along for the fun!). It was fantastic to get to meet more people on different schemes across TUI and to hear about the placements they have had in the past, the projects they have been involved in and the experiences and knowledge they have acquired over their time with TUI.

There seem to be so many possibilities on all of our different schemes that it can be overwhelming! As a Specialist and Activity Grad I am generally focused on my Sector and the division and brands within it. The opportunity to meet other grads and hear about the diverse areas of the business which they have become involved in really highlighted to me the vast range of products which TUI offers its customers! It is fantastic to be involved in a company which is continuously expanding and diversifying its product range.

I digress, anyway back to bowling…

After a lovely dinner and a few drinks the night really began as we headed towards the Lanes! As someone who has not thrown a bowling ball since I was young enough to have to have the lane bumpers in place, I was a bit apprehensive that I would end up being the weak link (I just about escaped that fate, sorry Laura)! The night became pretty competitive towards the end and discussions over which team actually was the winner are still continuing, with neither team wanting to admit defeat and some questionable financial calculations being used in an attempt to claim victory!

I think everyone will agree that the night was a great success. Thanks to Ben and everyone else who helped to organise such a fantastic night! I have a feeling that many more grad socials will be to come very soon…

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