It’s Good to Talk…

ILOVETOUR Student Sports Travel

ILOVETOUR Student Sports Travel

Laura talks about her experience of meeting the guys at ILOVETOUR…

On Friday, I travelled to Kingston to meet with the team from TUI brand ‘ILOVETOUR‘.

The reason for my trip was to learn more about their brand ambassador scheme so I might be better equipped to assess and suggest improvements to the scheme here at Real Gap and i to i. I think it’s hugely beneficial to share experiences between brands and am keen to encourage it more.

I found the meetings I had to be hugely beneficial; I met with two of the guys who had been involved with the brand ambassador scheme and learned some really important lessons from them, then met with two of the girls who talked me through a partnership of the brand. It was great to hear about their brand from their point of view.

What I think ILOVETOUR do really well is to communicate their brand through all they do. The brand voice and, I guess, personality is evident through their online communications to their brochure and even their sales process. For me, that’s a real strength and it means their customers are clear on what they can expect and who they’re talking to from the start.

I also really like their ‘parents’ area on their website. I think travel at the university level is still very much regulated by the parents, either because they’re paying for it or simply because they want to know their children are safe, so that area is a really useful resource.

There are plenty of other things that ILOVETOUR do or have done that I can learn from and I hope to take some of this into my project here, but I guess the point of this post is that I really believe in the power of everyone sharing ideas and experiences. I think there is so much we can learn from other brand’s successes and failures and it’s played such a huge part in my research for my current project that I’ve really relied on it.

I think the same sentiment applies internally in a business as well as across brands. During my time here at Real Gap and i to i, I’ve moved around the business a lot and sat with different departments to learn more about what they do. Through this, a lot of examples have become apparent of things that people are already doing within the company that can help me with my project, which really highlights to me the importance of working dynamically rather than staying at one desk and engrossed in just that area of work. Granted, it can be challenging to find the time to move around but staying in touch and up to date with what people are up to could be really beneficial.

I look forward to seeing how this works more across the business as my placements progress and would love to hear the other grads’ points of view, or anyone else reading this – feel free to leave me a comment in the box below.

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One thought on “It’s Good to Talk…

  1. Well done Laura – we miss you at Zabisco; particularly as your replacement didn’t make it through the probation period!

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