From luxury jets to luxury yachts!

Jon sends us an update from the British Virgin Islands…

So I didn’t get to go on one of the round-the-world expeditions – not that I was holding my breath to go on a $65,000 fam tour! As a leaving present from TCS & Starquest, I had a sightseeing seaplane tour of Seattle, so I suppose I did get to go on a plane of some sorts. Not that that really mattered anyway, as I had a fantastic placement at a brilliant little company. I finished by presenting my work to the senior management team, and received great reviews from my lovely line manager, Karen.

I was actually quite sad to be leaving, as I had made some good friends and really enjoyed working there, but I was also massively looking forward to getting back to the UK as I had spent the entire placement without Amanda, my (very patient and understanding!) wife. As quickly as I had arrived, I was off again for placement number 5 (this time with Amanda) in the British Virgin Islands…swapping 3 months of UK winter blues for 3 months of Caribbean sunshine!

I’m now in the Marine division, working at the Tortola base – with over 400 yachts it is the largest fleet in the world. In a much-craved operations placement, I’ve been tasked with kick-starting corporate sailing, as there currently isn’t any. It will be a challenging project, having to start from scratch and working more or less solo, but combined with beautiful scenery, gorgeous weather and a little beach-front apartment that I now call home, it’s one that I’m relishing.

Marine base in the British Virgin Islands

Not a bad place to work!

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One thought on “From luxury jets to luxury yachts!

  1. kellyroche

    Jon, we are all green with envy! It’s cold wet and windy today in Brighton…
    I hope your placement goes well. Will they be needing another grad?!

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