8 hours ahead, yesterday.

Benjamin is suffering from quantum leap syndrome

How do you quickly work out the time in Seattle when strolling the streets of Beijing? Just think of Seattle as eight hours ahead, yesterday.

I’ve been travelling a lot recently because of the holiday season and work, and by travelling I mean flying. I love statistics, and playing with statistics in my head helps me sleep at night; I know, that’s kind of weird, but sleep is kind of difficult in economy class for 11½ hours in constant daylight.

Daylight over Alaska

Between December 21st and January 13th, I boarded 7 flights, covered a distance of 17,665 miles in 36½ hours of flight. I landed in 4 different time zones (Pacific Time, Mountain Time, Eastern Time, Beijing Time), lost a Monday almost entirely, and gained an extra Friday the 13th!

It can get confusing running on three time zones. When I was in New York for New Year, I called my sister at 5am London time because I forgot that the time difference between London and New York is three hours less than London and Seattle. While in Beijing, my confusion was compounded by waking up having to be someone different for my three day task, Quantum Leap style.

On Saturday, I’ll be making the leap back to the UK and “normality” again (the leap home). From the previous trips to China, I know that the trip east is harder than the trip west. With a trip west you gain time and end up accidentally waking up early, while heading east you lose it and can’t sleep. With a week of goodbye lunches, dinners and drinks mapped out here, and a Learning and Development week starting 19 hours after I land in the UK, I don’t expect to sleep much this side of Valentine’s Day.

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One thought on “8 hours ahead, yesterday.

  1. Crikey, you’ve been busy! That sounds incredibly tiring but wow, what an experience!

    Enjoy your last few days and see you bright and early Monday morning!

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