Janet Galbraith…Master of Trivial Pursuit

Janet reflects on the weird and wonderful learnings of the past 15 months…

So – the newbies have nearly finished their first placement!  And us ‘veterans’ have nearly finished our fifth… the time is approaching when we will finally join The Real World again, with a permanent job and a sixth-month accommodation lease and everything.  I might even buy a sofa.

It’s easy to forget how much you can learn over 18 months.  And it’s also hard to make a comparison between your experiences and those of family, friends or even of other grads.  On a bad day it’s easy to feel like you have no impact on the business you are in, that noone cares that you are there or, at best, resent the fact that you get to leave in a couple of months, snug in the promise of a sparkly new job at the end of the programme.  However, on a good day (for me these bizarrely tend to happen when I am completely snowed under with a particularly unachievable deadline – like today), it’s nice to reflect on the useful learnings of the past five placements.  I can’t honestly say if or when I will ever need any of these pieces of knowledge again, but then you never know…

–          A good working knowledge of the major road networks of the UK (the M6, M23 and A3 are now personal friends)

–          Excellent understanding of the various restrictions surrounding certain Russian ports, and their associated charges

–          How to pay or contest a parking fine in Edinburgh (twice)

–          The process for setting up a limited business in Hong Kong

–          How to create a decision tree for the MCS contracting system

–          Where to source a bona-fide Elf costume

–          The best people to contact in the Brazilian market research industry

–          What to do if you see a polar bear in the wild

–          The various benefits of traditional EPOS systems versus new technology

–          Ability to distinguish between the major species of penguin

And on to the next challenge! J

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One thought on “Janet Galbraith…Master of Trivial Pursuit

  1. This is highly amusing! But also with a serious undertone that you can learn an awful lot in 18 months.

    It’s been so valuable being able to learn from what you guys (the “veterans”) have learnt along the way and incredible to think that we’re going to learn the amount we have in our first placements 7 times over!

    All the best for the rest of this placement and I hope you get yourself a lovely sofa. I hear they’re on sale…

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