Kelly’s doing snow work

Kelly updates us on her placement at Crystal’s cold front line

When you work for a travel company, many people ask if you get to go and test out the holidays, but unfortunately your standard response is just to smile and say ‘I wish!’

However, to a certain extent, that is what I am doing right now.

Evaluating the quality of the snow 😉

My new placement is overseas with Crystal Ski & Snowboard – the UK’s largest ski tour operator – and I’ve been tasked with reviewing the customer experience. Coming in with ‘fresh eyes’, I will be looking at the different ‘touch points’ and seeing if we as a company are demonstrating the right expertise and the right times. From a personal development point of view, it’s great to see tour operations from the bottom up. I have worked in operational roles previously, but never on as huge a scale as Crystal; it’s both very impressive and quite daunting!

Two of Crystal’s major destinations are Austria and France, so I am currently spending the first half of my placement in Mayrhofen,Austria and then I will complete the second half of my placement in Courchevel, France. I’m two weeks in, and so far, so good. I’ve been to 3 different resorts, met about 20 reps, been on 3 ski escorting days, 2 team meetings, 1 managers’ meeting, 8 transfers several après events, and eaten lots of Goulasch soup….

Now I’d better get back to work. This week sees a visit to a Crystal Finest chalet in St Anton and probably joining some group ski-escorting. I know, I know – it’s a tough job – but somebody has to do it!

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One thought on “Kelly’s doing snow work

  1. benisjamin

    OMG Kelly, this sounds like the best job in the world! Glad you’re enjoying it, looking forward to hearing more stories in the future.

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