Change is good…right?

Let’s face it, no one really likes change…particularly when that change involves relocating from sunny Clearwater to a rather, well miserable, Crawley. However, once settled in my new South London flatshare, armed with a new winter coat, an abundance of scarves and an umbrella I felt more than ready to embrace the tail-end of the Great British winter.

I’m currently working on an operational efficiency project; evaluating the current booking terms and conditions of our Sector businesses, recognising that these are a means to protecting our revenue by ensuring correct cancellations fees and amendment charges are collected, ensuring that our Ts&Cs are fair to our customers, are in line with those of our competitors and are easy for our teams to understand and apply.

As someone who had never previously read a full set of terms and conditions – really who does? – I had no idea of the complexities that a business needs to consider (particularly some of our North American Education businesses!). And although it is a bit of a dry project, I am learning a lot about our portfolio of brands and the opportunities to ‘clean up’ some of our Ts&Cs and maximise our revenue in the process.

In more general terms, it has been really interesting to experience working at Sector level; torn between the financial demands of the TUI Group and the resource requirements of our Divisions and businesses is no plain sailing! Detachment from the brands, our products and most importantly our customers makes difficult decisions all the more challenging.

So it has been a bit of a culture shock to say the least but I am now settling into my new role in TTH and my new life in London (and I must admit my waistline has definitely benefited from being back in the UK!)

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