Maths in Manchester

Benjamin fills us in on his number-crunching North-West placement…

There is nothing I like more than staring at maps. Unfortunately, during this placement I spend more of my time staring at maths. My project on this placement with Thomson Sport’s Official UEFA Euro 2012™ Accommodation Agency focuses on devising strategies to generate revenue from benefits in our supplier contracts. When I write ‘devising’, read ‘building’; when I write strategies, read ‘spreadsheets’.

My Workstation

My Workstation: calculator, Excel, mathematical workings, contract benefit list, model contract...

I’m now very familiar with the IF function, and now know how to use FLOOR, which is a bizarre name for rounding down to the nearest specified number. The advantage of these weird functions is that there’s a lot of money to be saved for the Accommodation Agency if I get the calculations right.

Manchester’s nice, the team is welcoming and friendly, and I only live a short drive from the Didsbury based office, in a southern suburb called Withington. My current housemates are two professionals, both called John, one who works in banking, the other in English teaching. I’ve been watching the numbers here too, inflicting a Lent diet on myself which involves abstaining from meat (fish is okay) and chocolate, swimming regularly, as well as counting the calories generally (“you’re turning into a girl”, says English teaching John – I have been gaining an insight into why choosing food is so difficult when you are considering price, calorific value, meat content…). Lent ends on my birthday, and my sister has promised me a meat platter to mark the occasion. Now it’s on the internet, she has to honour her promise!

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One thought on “Maths in Manchester

  1. Deborah Grieve

    Haha I love that you and I have both mentioned the need to lose weight after our North America placements! PS “Get your mouse away from my spreadsheet”…classic!

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