My placement with the Official UEFA EURO 2012 Accommodation Agency finished just over a month ago to positive reviews after doing a lot of work with spreadsheets and internet booking portals. I’ve been given the privilege of being given three sports placements in a row, and this second sport placement is with Danish company Travel Sense A/S.

Having just come from a placement solely concerned with the EURO 2012 tournament, I’ve stepped into a placement where all talk is of the next big event… the EURO 2012 tournament, no change there then. But I did get given my official Dansk Boldspil Union shirt today, just in case I’m needed in Kharkiv or Lviv to represent my adopted home, or, y’know, help with Travel Sense guests. No one expects Denmark to win the tournament (their odds are comparable with the Republic of Ireland) but no one expected them to win the tournament in 1992. The Danes might have known. Anyway, I’ll be watching their form closely when I attend the Denmark v Australia match in my new Danish shirt this Saturday.

Football is the most popular sport in Denmark and there are a number of big clubs in Copenhagen, some which you may have heard of, none of which you can pronounce correctly (unless you have knowledge of how the Danes use letters). Travel Sense sponsor a number of clubs in Denmark and I was lucky enough to attend one of the penultimate matches of the season where Brøndby hosted FC Nordsjælland. The title was unfortunately out of reach for Brøndby this season, but FC Nordsjælland were just 2 points behind FC København, the big fish in Danish football.

Brøndby fans hate FC København. HATE them. FC Nordsjælland hate FC København too. So for the entire game, the two sets of fans sang the same song to one another: Vi hader F.C.K.! (We hate F.C.K.). That was funny enough but when FC Nordsjælland, the AWAY team scored, everyone in the stadium clapped and cheered! And when the scoreboard showed that FCK had lost, there was uproar – all FC Nordsjæalland needed to do was win the final game and they would be the first Danish team to have an automatic place in the Champions’ League.

Which, of course, they did

There's a hand on the pitch!

Goal mouth scramble at Brøndby

It’s important for me to know these things, I’m not just here to hang out. I’ve been putting together a fact base about the sports travel company I’m placed with which will be informing strategy for the next financial year. But there’s no way I’m going to discuss the intricacies of the data I’ve been working with, or mention the nightmare that is building graphs and pivot tables in the Danish version of Excel… sorteringsindstillinger means sorting options, I know that much. Right, I’m off to eat kangaroo and crocodile at an Australian restaurant a few streets away. Thanks Australian tourism bureau!

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3 thoughts on “SPORTsportSPORTsportSPORTsportSPORT

  1. kellyroche

    Great update Ben! I can’t believe you’re using Excel in Danish… talk about challenging…!

  2. Sounds like you’ve learned a lot already! Agree with Kelly on the Excel thing – I struggling enough to get my head around an older version than I’m used to, not sure how I’d cope with using it in another language! Hope it continues to go well.

  3. Hover your mouse over the picture!

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