Seattle becomes a Staple Destination for SAS Grads

Following in the footsteps of ‘The Bens’ (and Jon) I now find myself 4,500 miles and 8 time zones away from home. Despite the distance, Seattle is remarkably similar to Scotland; when it rains you want to get as far away as you possibly can but when it’s sunny, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be! And I’ve been particularly lucky to have come to Seattle at “the best time of year”.

In a city that is surrounded by mountains and water and that is notorious for its changeable weather, I am regularly amazed that every single Seattle citizen can accurately tell you the weather forecast for the next full week, right down to the hour – “What a beautiful morning”, “Yes but it’s going to rain at 2pm” or “If you go running on Saturday you should wait till the afternoon, the temperature will drop 15 degrees and it’ll be way more pleasant”… How do they know?! In Scotland we can barely predict what the weather will be like 30 minutes from now!

My office here in Seattle is amazing. Having just moved into this office in December, this is everyone’s first summer here and so we are all making the most of our large seafront terrace and grill! Indoors however there is still an atmosphere of three businesses (TUI, TCS & Starquest and Zegrahm Expeditions) sharing an office, which can at times be difficult as I am tasked with a project that concerns both TCS & Starquest and Zegrahm. I’m working on a product-based project looking to expand the part of our business that offers tailor-made luxury trips to destinations around the world. At the moment there is a lot of research involved as I put together a business case. In a few weeks’ time I will present my business case and hopefully begin to implement some of the ideas before the end of the placement.

Out of work I have been hitting up the usual tourist spots and getting involved in as many outdoor activities as my currently unfit body can handle – boot camp starts next week! I also took part in a local 5 mile charity run – ‘Beat the bridge’ – so called because the University Bridge is raised during the race and the aim is to ‘beat’ the raising of the bridge.

Last weekend my roommate and I took a road trip up north to her hometown of Bellingham for the annual Memorial Weekend Ski-to-Sea race – a 93.5 mile, 7 sport relay Race from Mount Baker down to Bellingham Bay. Thankfully we did not take part in this race, rather the street party at the finish line where we watched the final leg of the race over a nice cold drink!

Well that’s all for now guys…it’s almost lunchtime here and there are bbq left overs to be had!

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One thought on “Seattle becomes a Staple Destination for SAS Grads

  1. Wow, sounds amazing! You’re certainly keeping busy! I did a boot camp out in Canada and really enjoyed it, hope you do too. Good luck with the project!

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