When in Wimbledon

Kelly takes the opportunity to enjoy a spot of tennis after work

In this third placement, I am working for the TUI Marine Division. Whilst I may not be based in sunny Florida, I am very much enjoying life in “SW19”, working with the Sector Marketing Director. Our office here is home to some of the sports brands, and has the added benefit of being a short distance away from the All England Lawn Tennis Club…

On Monday, strawberries were brought in by the truck-load and grass courts were mowed to carpet-like perfection, as Wimbledon opened its gates for the 2012 Championships. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to witness some of the action, Ali and I decided to make our way over on day 1, straight from work. The notorious “Queue” (oh, so British!) was surprisingly short, so by about 6 o’clock we were in the grounds.

I played a lot of tennis during my school days and have always enjoyed following Wimbledon on the TV, so it was really exciting for me to get a first-hand experience of the tournament and see some matches up close. As it was the first day, there was play on every court and we managed to see some good ladies’ singles matches, watching players such as Kirilenko and Hantuchova.

All in all, a great experience… I am now even more excited about working with Sportsworld (a TUI brand) at the next big UK sports event – the London 2012 Olympics!

If only we were as good at tennis as Federer and Sharapova!

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