How to cure hiccups (and become workplace hero!)

1) Wait for the opportune moment
You know the one. Your poor colleague has been hiccuping for the last 5 minutes, he’s getting frustrated (so is the rest of the team). Now is your chance to step up.

2) Ask the simple question
What did you have for dinner last Saturday? (Important to choose 2-4 days ago. Last night is too fresh and any longer than 4 days is too long).

3) Hold your own as you are mocked by your team
They will mock, they will question your curious method. But it’s only a matter of time now…

4) Assume ‘hero’ status
Hiccups will disappear and your team will be astounded. True story. Happened to me last week. (Don’t forget to act modestly. No one likes a show off!)

Try this at home; you’ll be surprised how well it actually works! Apparently this type of question causes the hiccupper to change his breathing pattern which, in turn, vanquishes the hiccups!!

With skills like these, who wouldn’t give us grads a job?! 🙂

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