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Opportunities for growth

TUI Marine Clearwater office last week played host to the 2-day “Opportunities for Growth” conference. The conference invited Marine managers from across the globe to take part in several interactive presentations and workshops and I was lucky enough to land myself an invite! We reviewed the Marine division’s FY11 success; a result that could not have been achieved had it not been for an exceptional level of customer service. Service that allowed our base out in the Bahamas to not only survive a direct hurricane hit but to then be back open for business as usual a mere three days later. Service that dealt with hundreds of disappointed customers when a product launch of innovative new boats could not be delivered on time due to faults in third-party manufacturing. And service that generally sustained a healthy financial performance through a turbulent economic year.

We then looked at future opportunities to further develop the reputation of the Marine brands and organically grow the business. We discussed in detail the potential benefits that can be obtained through efficient use of social media. The following clip was shown during the Ecommerce presentation and I think highlights some really interesting information that you may or may not already know about social media and new technologies.

Last week we also welcomed a new Financial Director and Ecommerce Director into the business and I look forward to working with them in my remaining weeks at TUI Marine.

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