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Graduating the Graduate Program

 18 months, 6 placements, 6 fresh-faced graduate trainees, one incredible journey!

With placement locations spanning the globe, high-profile projects reporting into senior management and relocating and taking on new projects every 3 months, the TUI Specialist & Activity Sector Graduate Leadership Program has been quite a journey! To mark the end of the 2011-2013 graduate intake, we have put together a video montage using a selection of photos taken over the course of our graduate program. Though this can only begin to document both the exhilarating, and often surreal highs, alongside the arduous, self-questioning challenges of the graduate program, we hope you will enjoy this snippet of our TUI journey so far… And now as we move into new roles within the company (and wave a teary goodbye to Laura) we thank you for your support over the past 18 months and for the opportunities the TUI SAS Graduate Leadership Program has given us. 


You can access our Graduate Program Video Montage here!


2011-2013 TUI SAS Graduate Intake

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Welcome Jennifer

Jennifer O’Gorman, the second new recruit to post, introduces herself.

Hi Everyone! My name is Jennifer O’Gorman and I will be one of the six new Specialist and Activity Graduates for this year. I feel both incredibly lucky and privileged to have such a fantastic opportunity and I intend on making the most of it! I grew up in Waterford in Ireland, which is known as the sunny south east; although in reality it still seems to rain quite a lot! I graduated with a BCL in Law from University College Cork after which I spent a year studying for a Master’s in Business Management at Queens University in Belfast. During my time in Belfast I set up and ran a cross community project which attempted to unite children from across the region through the medium of music. This has definitely been my greatest personal achievement to date.

 I am currently working for an adventure travel company in Cork and I am responsible for our J1 summer work and travel student visas to the US. I have always been passionate about travel and I have been lucky enough to have travelled a great deal across the US and Europe in addition to spending my summers working abroad. It was only once I began my current job that I was inspired to strive for a career within the travel industry. It is a continuously evolving, dynamic and exciting industry, which I believe will be able to satisfy my need to both challenge and inspire myself, especially while working for such an inspirational company as TUI.  In order to properly prepare for my new career in the travel industry I am spending six weeks this summer exploring South East Asia, truly an adventure of a life time and one which, alongside my career at TUI, I cannot wait to begin!

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TUI Marine: likes water, keeps in shape through constant investment (no botox) wltm partners for long term relationship

Guy and the difficulty of TUI-coupling plus a trip up north

This week I have been trying to spread the net of TUI Marine wide and look at ways in which we can enhance the customer experience from working with other companies within TUI Travel and TUI AG.  So, for families who are debating between a sailing holiday and a jungle trek then in the future they should not have to make this difficult decision.  I believe our ethos of “if you dream it, we can take you there” can be fulfilled by creating a multitude of links between our companies allowing holidaymakers to know whenever they book a multi-activity holiday it is organised by the experts of each holiday genre.  The problem is TUI is so large and diverse that cementing the first move can be difficult.  Perhaps we almost need an internal online dating site for TUI companies with their characteristics and what they would seek in ideal partners – all the better if each company is polyamorous.  This could be backed up by actual speed partnering at the next global management meeting. 

Meanwhile I have been taking advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday to see friends from university and explore some more northern states.  I flew into Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where I gorged myself on some excellent Thanksgiving dinner, experienced ‘Black Friday’ shopping hell – as well as soft cinnamon pretzels, visited the state capitol and went to two school reunions.  I also managed to get to Washington, D.C. to see all the main sites, visiting the Pentagon memorial (from September 11th), the National Archives and the Air and Space museum.  I would have loved to have visited more museums but for time!  It was nice to escape Florida to see some familiar faces and a different part of the country, but stepping off the plane in Tampa at 10pm to 22C vs. an earlier 7C in Washington certainly made me feel that whatever negatives I feel about Florida’s endless ugly strip malls and lack of public transport are easily soothed by the fantastic weather.  Still, all these reports of snow back in the UK are whetting my appetite for a New Year of downhill and cross-country skiing in Scotland and Sweden.

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You’re Hired!

For those of you thinking about applying for TUI Travel’s Specialist and Activity Scheme 2011, Ali Randall gives a useful low-down on what to expect.

I am often asked by inquisitive, or polite, friends: “So Ali, what exactly is it that you do – what does a graduate scheme entail?”

So I thought I would try and give an insight into to this and how the interview process went as these are two of the things that I most often wanted to know when applying for a job.  It all started with a browse on one of the graduate recruitment websites, stumbling upon the application. Once this application was submitted I didn’t hear anything for quite a while actually. Eventually it was an enormous pleasure to receive the standard email of ‘we like you’ (type thing) rather than the ‘sorry but due to the high number of applications…’.

This took us through to the next round of psychometric online testing, which was incredibly difficult, but we didn’t find out the results at the end so I can only assume I did well… but it was very hard! This led onto a telephone interview, which often feels like a one way conversation actually as you try your best to get in as much info as possible whilst being aware the interviewer is scribbling down notes as fast as they can (and you just never really know how it has gone, do you, once you have put the phone down… should have said this, or that, oh well too late now I tried!).

It was very nice to get the phone call to be asked along to the group assessment, that is until you Google group assessments and see the horror videos from the training companies (check this out:– glad to say it wasn’t as scary or as awkward as the video shows, there are many worse examples if you look.

The assessment was a half day and my lasting memory of the day is in our group of 16 we had to put forward an idea for a product pitch and when it came to the vote it was 15 v 1, and I was the lonely 1 who didn’t agree with the decision. Well as you can imagine, afterwards my thoughts were drawn to whether that was the right thing to do or not – in the end I just had to go with what I thought was right and I presented it as positively as possible.

The final stage involved interviews with three board members individually and a presentation to them collectively – much like on the apprentice finals. It was certainly a nerve-racking situation, but actually once you have realised you have prepared the best you can and can only be yourself, there is not a lot to worry about – if you present yourself well and they like you great, if they don’t then you tried your best and it wasn’t the right job for you.

So, now I have a place on the scheme, what do I do?  Well for this placement based in Amsterdam my typical day would look like this; planning of the day and looking ahead to meetings and what prep needs to be done for these – ensuring that all emails are responded to or scheduled to work on. Meet with product managers to discuss the work that is ongoing and how we can progress. After the meeting I write up notes and ensure that everyone that is required to do work, as an outcome of the meeting, is clear on what work they have to do and by when. I spend a lot of time preparing for meetings and scheduling contact for and with the product managers. Also – write up of reports, making presentations. I guess it is all the things you would expect in a professional role. The beauty of this scheme- you have an end date to which you work towards and then you start again somewhere new. The challenge is constant and variety is ensured. For me, it’s all about developing skills to put myself in the best position possible for the future and in that respect I have learnt a lot already and hope that this continues… plus being in Amsterdam is pretty cool isn’t it?!

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